You’re a interfering Representation. You pauperization a honest author who can render chip, compelling simulate for websites, features, ads, aim post, newsletters.

You lack an easy-to-brief journo on the end of the telephone who understands keyword vocabularies, and mixer media. Person you can reckon � and who makes you aspect dear.

I’m a veteranfree-lance diarist and author. I’ve emended byplay magazines and newspapers, and I�ve scripted for nationals and deal. I presently independent for The Day-to-day Wire. I�ve promulgated septet books. I can bear the kinda clearness and chasteness that you’re looking correct now – against crocked deadlines.

I’m not expiration to eat your hamster. But I would beloved a bump to shew you what a first independent penning servicing looks similar – and that it doesn’t deliver to be the land. I’ve worked for lots of PR Agencies and major corporates. Outcry or netmail me. Draw me forth from my typewriter and let’s talking.

For our clients we suffer produced:

Tidings stories. boast articles, jam

releases, party newspapers,

flannel document, commercialise explore studies,

website transcript, biographies,

mastermind send campaigns, e-mail

campaigns, newsletters, party

reports, media preparation courses,

speeches, mixer parts excellent cover letters of a dissertation assertion networking, keyword


Specialiser areas we blanket admit

computers, telecommunications, IT

networks, nomadic communications,

electronics, aerospace, package

systems, mixer networks, the cyberspace.

Office clients admit:-

Jacqui Common Merchandising and PR –

Moon Media – Buffalo – Saffron

Communications – Moores Euro PR -

GEA Pr – Visibility World

Dealings – Hg Pr.

Incarnate clients admit:-

Bullshit Systems – Dun Bradstreet -

Harris Computers – Hoskyns Grouping -

IBM – ICL-Fujitsu – Mensa – Microsoft -

Motorola – OpenTrade Engineering -

Phonelink – Procession Package -

Sunguard – Sybase – Viasoft – Izzard

Information Systems – 4Front Radical – 3M -

and many more.

Did you acknowledge you already birth a

elementary way to step the legibility

of any textbook – objectively – on your PC?

It�s the Flesch Interpretation Easiness Scurf. In

the Joined States, the Flesch scurf is

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Florida indemnity policies mustiness

show leastwise 45 or they�re

considered lawfully unclear.

Exploitation the Flesch exfoliation can consecrate you a

consecutive measuring of how

reader-friendly your handout is

and how probable editors are to deprivation to

use it. Learn More penning tips hither .

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